Since Raising $120 Million, Aircall’s Valuation Has Surpassed $1 Billion

Aircall, a cloud-based speech platform that helps businesses around the world manage millions of customer service and sales calls every day, raised $120 million in a Series D investment round. The company’s overall valuation now exceeds $1 billion as a result of this. 

In 2014, Aircall has established the premise that conventional commercial phone systems were difficult to manage, compartmentalized, and time- and money-intensive to build. Businesses were lacking a user-friendly solution that could interface with other essential business applications and meet the communication needs of a scattered and mobile workforce in an increasingly virtual world.

Remote workers have expedited digital transformation for businesses of all kinds over the past year, while at the same time, customers’ expectations for personalized and convenient service have grown.

By connecting its cloud-based service to popular corporate applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Slack, Intercom, and many more, Aircall assists businesses in achieving these goals.

Increased visibility, data, and insights about their customers’ needs and their teams’ performance, enables organizations to optimize workflows and increase team productivity. In the end, the solution enables customized consumer experiences.

With the help of Aircall, any professional may have more in-depth talks and the phone channel can be open, transparent, and collaborative.

A trigger for the cloud-based SaaS communication product from Aircall, according to Christian Resch, managing director at Goldman Sachs, has been the past 12 months.

Users in a hybrid workplace look to Aircall to deliver a simple user experience that is tightly integrated into their workflows, maximizing every customer engagement. They are overjoyed to collaborate with Aircall as the business seeks to globalize and accelerate its expansion.

Goldman Sachs executive director Kirk Lepke expressed his delight at the prospect of working with Olivier and the Aircall team to lead Series D. They have been tracking Aircall’s development for some time. A differentiated product approach and strong market momentum will enable the company to grow considerably for many years to come.

Despite the difficulties, this past year brought, Aircall managed to grow its business at a record-breaking rate. With an increase in total customers of more than 65% year over year, the company now has more than 8,500 clients around the world.

With almost a third of its income coming from the US, internationalization is crucial to Aircall’s growth. The number of employees at Aircall recently topped 450, and the company anticipates adding more than 260 additional employees by the end of the year. Madrid, Sydney, New York, Paris, and Aircall all have offices.

Aircall Will Contribute To The Following Projects With This Fresh Round Of Funding:

  • Specifically, add additional connectors that cover all use cases, including e-commerce, financial services, sales, support, and other use cases, to the app ecosystem.
  • Expand internationally with new offices in London and Berlin in Europe and more substantial investments in North America and Asia-Pacific. In order to better understand customer demands and build solid connections, including those with channels and resellers, Aircall intends to hire more teams that work directly with customers.
  • By utilizing local network knowledge, large telecommunications corporations can collaborate to provide their technologies to every professional on the planet.
  • Enhance technology with new AI capabilities and more call center productivity tools, including voice analytics and transcription for a deeper level of productivity benefits for sales and support. Aircall will expand infrastructure capacities by introducing more points of presence to serve local consumption.
  • It will continue to deliver additional capacity at scale and maintain a high standard of voice quality throughout the world.
  • “Since Aircall’s inception, they have assisted thousands of businesses in enhancing their customers’ voice channels with more empathy than ever in the previous year. Additionally, they observed a rise in demand for information on teams, performances, and visibility “said Aircall’s co-founder and CEO, Olivier Pailhes.

“They’ll keep working to realize their goal and enable every professional to have richer dialogues now that hybrid, on-site, or remote teams are probably here to stay. In light of this, Goldman Sachs’ investment and the current investors’ renewed confidence in us reinforce this ambition.”

About Aircall

The phone system for contemporary businesses is Aircall. a speech platform that runs fully in the cloud and is seamlessly integrated with well-known productivity and helpdesk solutions. To make managing phone support as simple as possible, Aircall was created. It is accessible, transparent, and collaborative.

Voice, in the opinion of Aircall, is the most effective method of communication with clients, prospects, job seekers, and coworkers. It is created to promote enjoyable human connection.

Since its establishment in 2014, Aircall has raised more than $226 million in investment. The business presently employs about 450 employees and has offices in New York, Paris, Sydney, and Madrid.


When was Aircall founded?


In total how much funding has Aircall raised till now?

$226 Million

For which series have the funds been raised?

Series D

How many funds have been raised in the fundraising round?


What is the firm’s valuation after the funding round?

Over $1 billion


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