Anamaria Goltes: The Girlfriend Of Basketball Player Luka’s, Know About Her Bio

Anamaria Goltes is one of the well-known and recognized fashion models, sports persons, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs. But, apart from all this, she is known because of her boyfriend, Luka Doncic. His boyfriend is one of the best basketball players in the entire country.

People loved him, liked the way he played, and admired him a lot. Anamaria is also very popular in the entire country because she is the girlfriend of one of the most loved basketball players in the world. 

Anamaria Goltes Age, Weight, Height, And Secret Of Beauty 

Anamaria was born on April 30, 1998, and she is now 24 years old with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches and a weight of 65 kg. She looks very pretty, and as a model, she always maintains herself and her beauty.

She has beautiful blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is very conscious of her health and does regular yoga and exercise to keep herself fit and healthy. She also takes good care of her appearance and skin, drinking lots of water and using natural treatments that are kind to her skin.

Moreover, she gets a hydra facial treatment every month for glowing and beautiful skin. 

Anamaria Goltes Early Life & Education

Anamaria was born in the city of Zagorje ob Savi, a beautiful place in Slovenia. She was born into the family of Mataz Goltes and Maja Bec Goltes as a little princess, which brought a lot of happiness into their lives.

She was born into a business family and, by childhood, was very keen on business and entrepreneurship. Since her childhood, she was a studious child who completed her education at the School of Economics and Business and then went to the University of Ljubljana for her further studies. 

Anamaria Goltes Career As A Professional Model  

After completing her education, Anamaria works hard to have a successful career in modeling. Her parents were very supportive and always supported her in everything she did. She serves as the face of numerous prestigious and well-known fashion clothing and beauty product companies. 

Anamaria’s Relationship

Anamaria met Luka at high school, and they both started their friendship with little talks over various topics. Following that, their company developed into love, and they both began dating in 2016.

On July 7th, they both celebrate their first meeting anniversary, enjoy a lot, and throw a huge celebration. However, in 2018, they both had some issues and decided to break up. After being split apart, they ceased speaking to one another.

But eventually they meet up and rekindle their romance. Since that time, they have both been concentrating more on one another and working to keep their relationship solid.

Anamaria’s Social Media

Anamaria is an active user of social media, or we can say that she is a social media star. She is known for her social media, in where she posts her incredible pictures. Moreover, in the entire country, she is very famous for her work and is one of the best social media influencers.

You can find her on Instagram, where she is very famous and has more than 160k followers and an account with her official name, i.e., Anamariagoltes. She is also an active user of Facebook, where she often posts various pictures and shares various things.

Apart from this, you can also find her on the other most important social media platform, Twitter, where she has more than 2K followers. 

Anamaria Goltes Net Worth 

The famous model, entrepreneur, and sportsperson has an estimated net worth of $1 million. 


Does Anamaria have any siblings?

Yes, Anamaria has a sister named Pia Golte.

What is the profession of Anamaria’s father?

Anamaria’s father is a great businessman by profession.

Is Anamaria married to Luka: the famous basketball player?

No, Anamaria is not married to Luka yet, but both couples are in a relationship and have been dating each other for a long time.

What is the net worth of Anamaria’s boyfriend, Luka: The basketballer?

One of the best basketball players, Anamaria’s boyfriend, has a fortune of about $25 million.

When are Anamaria and Luka marrying each other?

It is not confirmed yet when the couple is going to marry each other, as nothing has been revealed yet.

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