Bolttech Announced The Fundraising Of $180 Million Secures The Unicorn Status

The Singapore insurance company, Bolttech, which is the new swift bird among the growing multinational insurance companies of the US has announced the news of the fundraising of a $180 Million funding round, led by the Activant Capital Group united, followed by investors, Tony Fadell- principal at the future shape, Dowling Capital Partners, Alpha Leonis Partner, B. Riley Venture capital along with Tarsadia Investments. 

This is the largest round of series A for any insurtech and giving the value of US$180M to the accomplishment of an oversubscribed US $180M series A funding round in 2021 bolttech along with the status of the insurtech unicorn in just a year after its launch in 2020. 

Unicorn Status is the status given only to the privately owned startups that have succeeded in reaching the $1B evaluation. It is a really tough and rare task to be done. Bolttech has achieved it in just one year after its launching and this is a gigantic position to attain for a newly launched company. 

Bolttech was set up to modify the way insurance is purchased and sold, with the purpose to join people with additional methods to protect the things they adore.

With a complete set of programmed and data-driven competencies, bolttech strengthens connections between insurers, suppliers, and customers to make buying and selling insurance easier and more efficient. 

Bolttech 180m Series 1b leereuters

Bolttech is an international insurance company. Its CEO is Richard Li. It is a multinational insurtech, a digital native, founded in 2020 as an international insurtech trading. A team of 1400 employees as a supporter, along with honorable partners like insurers, telcos, retailers, e-commerce, and digital destinations.

Bolttech has served more than 7.7M customers, in 14 markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their mission is to construct the world’s prime, technology-enabled ecosystem for insurance and preservation.

Rob Schimek, chief executive officer of Bolttech’s group, said that they are enlightened to welcome their new investors and together with their partnership and support of them, they look forward to continuing their mission to become the globe’s best technology-enabled ecosystem for protection and insurance.

He further added that this funding will help them to connect with even a large number of investors, distributors, and customers on their platform, making the future of insurance diffusion. 

The founder and Partner at Activant Capital Groups, Steve Saracino has said that as eager investors in commerce infrastructure, they understand the competencies that are needed to interlink the extremely fragmented industry while also deducting the unwanted friction and unlatching the purchase skill that the purchaser wants.

The measure of Bolttech’s platform makes them a crystal clear leader in the insurtech world. And he added that they are extremely thrilled to partner with Rob and the world team as they reanalyze what’s feasible in insurance. 

The activant capital group was founded in 2015, it invests in the framework of commerce and sends its partners the support to scale. It is a world investment firm that partners with high-growth companies that are transforming commerce. 

These funds will fill its partners and purchasers with increased technology and digital strengths. The investments will be used to combine its position in the United States. 


Bolttech succeeded in securing the supreme unicorn status after the accomplishment of an oversubscribed US$180M in a series A funding round in 2021  which is very laborious to achieve. 

The investors are Activant, Tony Fadell- principal at the future shape, Dowling Capital Partners, Alpha Leonis Partner, B. Riley Venture capital, and Tarsadia Investments are overwhelmed by being a part of this honorable investment. 

Bolttech has the vision to link people with additional methods which protect the things they admire. 


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