A Fraud Detector Software Company Human, Raises an Investment Amounting to $100 Million

HUMAN, a company that detects bots and fraud in software, announced that it has raised an investment of $100 million in an enthusiastic round led by West-Cap, one of the known investors of all time. 

In this modern and technological world, bots have become a matter of concern as they adapt themselves to the software and behave like people. This simply means they work like humans in any software but in a negative way that promotes fraud and discrepancies. Some of the bots are designed in such a manner that they automatically select the options of pay-per-click, which increases ads on any website to increase the revenue of a particular website. 

Today, everyone wants a protective layer that protects them against bot attacks and other frauds related to security, domains, and information leakages. In 2020, after the increase in use of technology due to the pandemic of covid-19, the cases of sophisticated bot attacks and cyber fraud also increased.

With an increase in cybercrime, an increase in cyber safety is also seen. As a result, at present, in 2021, the companies dealing with cyber security and bot mitigation are experiencing an acceleration in their customer base. 

The CEO and co-founder of HUMAN, Tamer Hassan, says that “with the investment that we received from our great investors, we will expand our leadership position and will make our software the best software in the field of cyber security and fraud prevention.” We will try to build a more secure, enhanced, more user friendly and protective human internet. 

In recent times, it is observed that 77% or more of the cyberattacks are bot based or you can say, are conducted using bots. Cybercriminals use millions of bots which they send to different users in a day for the purpose of creating fake accounts, committing credit card frauds, manipulating users with wrong information, gathering personal information of users and for the purpose of data theft.

In such a situation, it becomes very necessary to engage in a platform that protects you against such types of bots.

Kevin Marcus, a partner at WestCap, says, “Human always focus on enhancing users’ internet experience and solving the most basic and fundamental problem prevailing on the internet: keeping data safe and secure.” He added a few more words by saying that we believe they are amazing at their work and their technology is unique and one can trust it as in the present day it is preventing more than billions of losses for its users. 


HUMAN’s modern defense technology includes; scaling and observing the various types of bots and frauds, selecting the best detection technique for prevention, using the best intelligence available, and finally finishing the bot sent from the other end.

Apart from this the various products offered by HUMANS are; media guard for security against any kind of ads, botguard for any kind of bot attack in applications, and bot guard for bot attack prevention in growth marketing. 

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