Brynn Cameron: Blake Griffin’s Ex-fiance, About Her Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth & More

In this world, many people are recognized for their work and profession. And some are known because of being loved ones, life partners, or family members of these recognized people.

Such a recognized woman is Brynn Cameron, who came to the limelight, media, and public attention only because of her ex-fiance, a very recognized star, Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin is one of the famous basketball players who represent the NBA.

Brynn Cameron and Blake dated each other for a long time. They were both engaged to each other, but afterward, before marriage, they parted ways. However, since her separation, she is always seen in the limelight because of her past relationship. 

Brynn’s Age, Weight, Height, & Grayish Blue Eyes 

Brynn was born on July 8, 1986, and at present, she is 36 years old with a height of 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of 56 kg. Her eyes are grayish blue in color, a color that is rarely found. However, her hair color is normal, i.e., blonde. 

Brynn Cameron Early Life & Education

Brynn was born in Van Nuys, a city that is situated in Los Angeles, United States of America. She belongs to the Christian family of Stan and Cathy Cameron, with an ethnicity of white Caucasian.

She was born under the sun sign of Cancer, which means that the person is stubborn, emotional, and hard working. Her schooling was completed at Newbury Park High School, where she was seen as a brilliant and studious child.

Afterward, her higher education was completed at the University of Southern California. 

Brynn Cameron Career 

Brynn is a basketball player by profession who is very hardworking, patient, and known for her mental ability. She represents USC in her games. Her mental ability is so sharp that she is prepared for every situation mentally in the game and stays calm and stable.

Her mental stability and strength are a constant source of amazement for all around her. Brynn is one of her family members who excels in sports. She has a number of records at her college, which she frequently shatter.

However, after some time, she started working as an interior decorator and stopped playing basketball. But in 2012, she left the job and moved ahead with the opportunity of working as a sports marketing executive for global brands. 

Brynn Cameron’s Life With Her Boyfriend Blake 

Brynn is famously known for dating one of the most recognized NBA stars, Blake Griffin. They both met accidentally in a game in late 2009 and were impressed by each other’s first words.

Since then, they have been reuniting regularly and have started dating. Soon, when everyone came to know about their relationship, all the NBA fans cheered Blake and her new partner, Brynn. Since then, Brynn has always been seen in the limelight.

After four successful years of relationship, they both welcomed their first child, a little champion named Ford Cameron-Griffin. Following his birth, after three years, she gave birth to another child, whom they named Finley Elaine Griffin.

Afterward, Brynn drops her career to look after her family and support Blake to outshine his career. This was a shocking point because Brynn was a shining basketball player who was a top scorer during the matches held in 2003-2004.

The couple decided to marry soon, but in July 2017, Blake called off the engagement and parted ways with Brynn. The reason behind their separation was that Bake was having an affair with Kendall Jenner. Brynn filed a suit in the court of law against him for this shameful activity.

She requested alimony and child support, according the lawsuit. She also charged him with guilt for daring to have an extramarital relationship despite being the father of two kids.

After then, it was decided by the court that both couples were responsible for the two children and had to co-parent them. In addition, Blake must provide Brynn with $258,000 in food and child support.

Brynn Cameron’s Net Worth 

Brynn is one of the most stunning basketball players who has an estimated net worth of $755k. She has earned a lot of notoriety through her outstanding performance in her games. 

Brynn Cameron’s Social Media Handles

Brynn is not using any kind of social media as she doesn’t want her life to be a part of more limelight. She wants her personal life to be kept private, and that’s why she is avoiding any kind of social media. 


Does Brynn have any children?

Yes, Brynn is the mother of three children, namely Cole Cameron, Ford Wilson, and Finley Elaine.

How many boyfriends has Brynn had in her past life?

Brynn had dated two boys in her life, namely Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart.

Does Brynn have any siblings?

Yes, Brynn has three siblings, namely Jordan Cameron, Colby Cameron, and Emily Cameron.

What is the net worth of Brynn’s ex-boyfriend Blake: the NBA player?

Brynn’s ex-boyfriend Blake is one of the most famous and beloved personalities and so has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Where is Brynn living currently?

At present, Brynn lives in Manhattan Beach.

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