Everything You Need To Know On Wiping A PC

New year, another new starting point in all of our lives. We tend to restart some of the practices we want to erase, or if we want to eliminate them, we renew. Like technologies, they are always a work in progress because they need maintenance and supervision, even in the simplest ways. Owning a PC does not guarantee they will last forever; that is why they tend to get worn out and sometimes go slower than usual. So, if your PC is getting out of hand and its performance is starting to get low, the next thing we seek is a replacement.

If you have plans to replace your new PC and worry that your old PC still holds some of your personal information and files, you may need to wipe all of those for security purposes. If you think wiping a PC off is complex, it can be if you merely wipe it off without doing some essential things. Wiping a PC is not as instant as a blink of an eye; that is why there are some things that you should know about doing it. But before you learn how to wipe a PC, here are the things you should know about it. 

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  1. It Has Steps

As we said, wiping a PC off is not an instant doing; it is not a quick reboot. There are steps you must take serious notice if you want assurance that your personal information and data are safely transferred or erased.

  1. It Is Best If You Do Back Ups

First things first, backups. If you want to erase all your files on the PC but keep them yourself, you could do some backups. It is the first thing you should accomplish when you wipe your pc off. Backups are typical, and if you do not know how to backup, the 3-2-1 strategy is one of the most appropriate and beginner-friendly backup plans. If you want to understand more, simple steps are available online.

  1. You Can Use Third Party Tools

Indeed, it is okay when using third-party tools, especially if you have lower versions of your windows. These third-party tools will help you have more grip on controlling and securing the erasure process. Note that many third-party tools are available, but it will always depend on your type, whether an HDD or an SSD.

  1. 2 Ways Of Wiping Off

There are two ways to wipe your PC off the reset option or the secure third-party erasing tools.

  • Reset is one of the most consistent strategies for wiping your PC off, as you can do this in any windows version from 8 to 11. Plus, this strategy is also applicable whether HDD or an SSD. If you plan to recycle your PC, resetting it is one of the soundest ways because it will be complicated to recover your data. It would also be harder to recover when it is encrypted.
  • Third-Party Tools are the second option. If the first option is still not convincing, then securing the erasure using third-party tools is also acceptable. Always be mindful of the third-party tools you will use; note that there are some considerations on it depending on whether you are using an HDD or an SSD.

In Conclusion, Is It Worth Wiping Off Your PC?

If you want to gain assurance that all your files and personal pieces of information are not lurking everywhere, then yes, it will always be worth it. You may think that wiping off is a complex matter, but you will eventually get out of the difficult phase once you take it step by step. So, do not take this for granted, and you will thank yourself later once you do some preservation on your files. So, stop contemplating and hesitating and start wiping off your PC in the most appropriate way. 


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