INX Announces $125m Token Sale To Support Its Blockchain Technology

INX is a platform for trading digital equities, cryptos, and blockchain-based digital products. The company brings together multiple market knowledge with cutting-edge technology, which it uses to provide trusted transactions. Recently, INX announced that it would be raising $125 million through the issuance of security tokens and equitable offerings.

The first-ever initial public sale of security tokens alone made $85 million, with over 7,200 organizational and sales investors participating. They followed INX’s first closed $7.5 million private token sale and a delayed equity presentation in Canada that brought up C$39.6 million (approximately US$32.2 million), according to the corporation, which intends to enable bitcoin and security token transactions on its console and rank capital-raise offerings for these digital assets.

Over the years, INX Digital Company has been backed by $96.5 million in investment and come across a variety of milestones. Their most recent big accomplishment came when they recently raised $3.6 million from investors on April 30, 2021. INX attained a whopping 3,750% return for equity investors during the August 25, 2020 IPO, with shares priced at $0.90 per share. Today, their main backers are Launch Code Capital and SPiCE VC, who currently hold an 18% share of INX’s outstanding shares of common stock. With a track record like this and more growth on the way with recent acquisitions of Tokensoft Transfer Agent and Easicom Ventures Inc., INX is looking to make some big moves in the near future.

INX Overview

The original name of this company was INX Digital Company, Inc. The company was originally founded in November 2017 by Jonathan Azeroual, Maia Naor and Shy Datika, and its headquarters currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The business’s current state of operations is operational, and it has gone through a Post IPO Equity Offering.

INX is a pioneer in the tokenized financial system, which continues to change how money is exchanged. They’re committed to delivering a safe and regulated marketplace for investors through their platform. Their values are transparency and legislation, creating an inclusive economic system for shareholders that want to make profit from revamping existing markets with new financing options.

INX One gives you access to exclusive digital assets and tokens that were previously only available for a select few. You can now invest in various properties, increase your profit margins, and more. Join our community today to get involved in the movement that’s transforming the way we do business.

With millions of users, INXONE has created a global community that shares their passion for company performance. When investors unify behind a company with strong potentials, they’re welcomed into a culture that shares their interest in positive growth. This kind of synergy helps create solidarity, which is an important step towards overcoming the challenges faced on the road to success.

Regulatory authorizations are required before they can start providing services. They are fully compliant and operate with the Money Transmitter licence in most US states, as well as Broker Dealer and Alternative Trading Platform licences from the SEC and FINRA.

The company’s own INX Token became the first SEC-Registered Data Security IPO approved on the Blockchain, paving the way for a brand-new asset class of tokenized securities.

Regulatory Control protects your funds with their talented team of specialists and partner organisations.


INX has been on a roll lately, raising $3.6 million from investors on April 30, 2021 and a 3,750% return for equity investors during the August 25, 2020 IPO. With the recent acquisitions of Tokensoft Transfer Agent and Easicom Ventures Inc., INX is looking to make some big moves in the near future. If you’re thinking about investing in INX, now is a good time to do so.


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