Nightdragon & Prytek Financed $100M Investment Round For Thrivedx

NightDragon and its affiliates Prytek have made a sizable new investment of $75 million in ThriveDX (previously HackerU), the platform for workforce development training in cybersecurity and digital skills that is growing at the quickest rate.

As the co-lead investor in ThriveDX’s current funding round, NightDragon, a focused investment firm in cybersecurity and privacy, joins Prytek, an early strategic partner (who has contributed $110 million to date).

As ThriveDX accelerates its aim to develop the technical talent pool in order to fill the 2.7 million open cybersecurity roles and solve the wider digital skills gap, NightDragon’s significant contribution will support ThriveDX’s sustained accelerated expansion.

According to him, one of the objectives of the increased funding is to raise enrollments in 2022 and broaden the reach of the ThriveDX workforce training programmes to other colleges.

A further objective is to increase the number of enterprise customers for the online training platform. At the moment, ThriveDX serves more than 500 clients, including Snap, Toyota, Microsoft, Bank of America, Intel, Lufthansa, Bosch, PWC, and Deloitte. With the aid of the additional money, the company intends to expand its sales team this year, according to Vigdor.

The online platform component was developed by Cybint, which HackerU purchased in August of last year and rebranded as ThriveDX.

According to the company’s website, ThriveDX’s phishing programme “combines security awareness training and attack simulations for a comprehensive approach to knowledge and skill growth.”

ThriveDX, situated in Coral Gables, Florida, presently employs 2,200 people overall and plans to have 3,200 by the end of the year, according to Vigdor.


ThriveDX (formerly HackerU), a global leader in digital skills training, works with prestigious academic institutions and businesses to support its partners in providing cutting-edge, skills-based cybersecurity training and advanced, professional development programmes in digital technology.

Gil Adani, who has led the business as CEO since its creation, and Dan Vigdor, who serves as executive chairman, created ThriveDx in 2006. In order to become one of the top international training businesses, the company expanded its business activities both domestically and internationally in 2018.


A multinational technology and investment company is Prytek. Igor Rybakov and Andrey Yashunsky founded it in 2017, and Yair Seroussi serves as its chairman. It is co-managed with Arnon Shiboleth. Prytek develops vertically integrated value-chain solutions for academic and financial institutions, having an effect on various markets.

With an emphasis on developing and investing in technologies as well as providing managed services in the financial services, cyber & tech education, and human resources sectors, Prytek has quickly expanded into an international technology business.


The growth and late-stage investments within the cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy industries are the focus of the investment and advising firm NightDragon. Incomparable threat analytics, deal flow, market leverage, and operating experience are provided by its platform and extensive industry network to propel portfolio business growth and raise shareholder value.

The NightDragon team was created by Dave DeWalt and Ken Gonzalez, senior executives who formerly led technology firms like Documentum, EMC, Siebel Systems (Oracle), McAfee, Mandiant, Avast, and FireEye. They have more than 25 years of operational and market expertise.

Establishing “internal corporate academies” for clients to give businesses the training in cybersecurity and other digital skills “that they would need their specific staff to have,” he added, is a key opportunity for ThriveDX moving forward.

Ultimately, according to Vigdor, “we want to build and impact the talent stream.” According to him, this also entails opening up the cybersecurity industry to additional talent from underrepresented communities.


When was prytek founded?


How much prytek has invested?

$400 million in companies.

Who is the founder of NightDragon?

David DeWalt

Who is the Co-founder of ThriveDX?

Gil Adani


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