Stationery Essentials You Must Have on You at All Times

Are you a stationery fanatic, or are you looking for back-to-school essentials? Or how often have you turned the house upside down, looking for a pen? No matter what you do or your age, having a few essential stationery items is necessary. You never know when you’ll need them, so keeping them stocked is always a good idea. There are so many stationery items available in the market today that it can be tough to pick out the essentials. From good quality paper to markers, such as the Artline supreme markers, here’s a quick guide on what you should buy on your next visit to the stationery shop. 

#1 Pens

This one may be obvious, but keeping a good stock of pens is an absolute must. You can keep cheap ball pens in black, red, and blue. If you’re a professional or a student, it’s good to buy a good quality ink pen that glides smoothly on paper and will allow you to write in better handwriting.

#2 Pencils, Erasers, and Sharpeners

Here’s another essential but something straightforward to lose. When you buy pencils, buy a reasonable amount, and ensure that the pencil is of good quality. Some pencils hardly work on paper. The best kind of writing is 2B; it’s not too dark and great for everyday use. 

If you’re buying pencils, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to purchase sharpeners and erasers. Buy erasers that won’t pill on your paper and tear it on frequent use. 

#3 Markers

Markers are an important stationery item as they come in handy in various situations. They come in various tip sizes and kinds. For instance, brands like Artline supreme markers have permanent markers, brush markers, metallic markers, and whiteboard markers. Keep one of each, and you’re good to go. 

#4 Highlighters

Highlighters are always helpful, whether you’re a student or a professional. Keep highlighters in a few colours to colour-code when marking something important. 

#5 Sticky Notes

Here’s an item that can be used for several purposes. Want to put out a to-do list in your home? Put up a sticky note on the fridge! Want to write a few points about your lesson but don’t want to mess up your notebook? Add a sticky note inside the book! Want to notify an employee about a task urgently? Just add a note on their desk! Make sure that when you buy one, its adhesive isn’t so strong that it will ruin the surface on which you put it. 

#6 Rulers

When you buy your stationery essentials, make sure to buy a ruler. Keep a 6-inch and a 12-inch ruler. Get straight lines every single time and make your work look neat and clean. 

Wrapping It Up

You can get many other stationery items for yourself, but having these in your bag, home, or office is sufficient if you want to save money and not have a vast stock. Some other items include staplers, paper hole punchers, calculators, and folders in different sizes. Remember to check the quality of these items before buying; it’s better to invest in a few good quality items, like the Artline supreme markers, than to buy too many, which won’t last you a very long time. You can find different variants of notebooks, and you’ll be ready to go! 


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