The Right Vanity Can Impact Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Without installing a vanity, there is no way to improve the practicality or aesthetics of a bathroom makeover. Finding appropriate toilet vanities for the bathroom is vital to provide ample space, counter space, and aesthetic appeal. This bathroom furniture is central to your daily routine and requires high-quality products that ensure practicality and functionality. You must invest in materials that are heat, stain and dust resistant. You must consider the possible obstacles that might affect the appearance of your bathroom.

This article will give you details of everything to think about before buying a vanity for your new bathroom.

1. Size

One of the first aspects to consider when looking for a new vanity is the space it will take up. Instead, you should consider the available space in your new bathroom while selecting one.

An oversize vanity in a little restroom will make the space seem cramped and unusable. Furthermore, a vanity that is too tiny for the space it occupies will frequently become lost in its environment.

It would be best to consider your new vanity’s height while purchasing. Consider the intended audience before making a final decision. Depending on your preferences and the size of your bathroom, you may need a vanity higher or lower than the standard 32-35-inch height for adults.

2. Storage

Consider your present bathroom storage setup as a starting point for determining what space you’ll need for your new vanity. Is there any spare room in your current vanity?

If this is the case, you may choose a smaller one with fewer storage options. But if your bathroom supplies are crammed into a bit of a corner, consider upgrading to a bigger one.

Instead, you might install wall-mounted cabinets or storage that are placed above the vanity countertop for more room.

3. Materials

When making a significant investment like a home remodel, it might be tempting to skimp on quality to save money.

When designing your new bathroom vanity, choosing high-quality, long-lasting materials is crucial. This is because your vanity will be constantly bombarded with sweat, water, and dirt from the family.

While you may save a little money on the front end by using cheaper materials, the cost of replacing ruined cabinets due to water will more than makeup for the savings.

In Australia, bathroom vanities may benefit from using high-performance materials like wooden planks, laminates, and thermofoil.

4. Placement

Thinking about where you’d want to put the vanity in the new bathroom will also help you limit your options.

It’s essential to ensure that your purchase won’t hinder the bathroom’s functionality when deciding where to install it. You may open and close the shower door, walk about freely, and clean up with ease.

The bathroom’s plumbing should also be taken into account when deciding where to put it. The expense to relocate the rough plumbing in a bathroom renovation might rapidly escalate.

Choosing one that works as closely as feasible with your current plumbing is a must for homeowners trying to get the most bang for their buck.

Wrapping Up

Depending on your preference, toilet vanities in Australia may be either eye-catching or minimalist. Despite this, they are an excellent accessory for any bathroom since they help achieve a classic aesthetic while also providing additional storage space.


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