UK Satellite Firm Satellite Vu Is Developing World’s Global Thermometer From Space

With a launch spot reserved on SpaceX’s Falcon 9, the firm expects to get its first satellite from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in the first quarter of 2023.

The UK satellite company Satellite Vu has acquired a contract that it claims would make it “the world’s global thermometer from space” in light of this week’s wildfires and soaring temperatures across Europe.

 Its goal is to build a “constellation” of satellites that will be used to assess the thermal emissions of buildings on Earth.

The London-based company said today that it has ordered a second satellite from SSTL to help it double its data collection capability. Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC (LSE: SSIT) is a major shareholder in the company.

According to the UK corporation, as we work to achieve decarbonization and a Net Zero future, it is critical to identify and manage heat waste from the built environment.

In addition to monitoring water pollution incidents and supporting disaster response efforts like wildfire monitoring, Satellite Vu seeks to refute charges of “greenwashing.”

The company also plans to direct targeted refurbishment of existing structures to increase energy efficiency and decrease energy waste, helping communities cope with the effects of urban heat islands and the cost-of-living crises.

Additionally, the infrared data from Satellite Vu can show the levels of industrial activity near power stations, refineries, and ports.

Environmental concerns are top-of-mind for everyone, from governments to businesses to consumers, as we all recognise how urgent it is to build a green and sustainable future for everybody, according to founder and CEO Anthony Baker.

Our satellites are poised to revolutionise climate change by tackling energy waste and connecting governments and businesses with the necessary data to reduce their carbon emissions, according to the statement, “To create this future, we urgently need verifiable data sets to measure our progress and provide comparable metrics.”

“We want to congratulate Anthony and the team for this tremendous milestone and technological breakthrough,” said Mark Boggett, CEO of Seraphim Space, which oversees SSIT.

The timing of this disclosure is crucial since the earth is getting hotter. In order to support a sustainable future for the world, business and governments have expressed a need for access to credible climate data.

This news serves as yet another example of the growing market need for funding for space technologies, which are now essential to finding solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues.


Can satellites measure temperature?

Temperature is not directly measured by satellites. To derive indirect inferences of temperature, they measure radiances in various wavelength bands, which must then be computationally inverted. The specifics of the techniques used to derive temperatures from radiances determine the temperature profiles that are produced.

Which measurement of the Earth’s surface temperature, taken from the ground or from space, is more accurate?

Ground temperature gauges Which measurement of the Earth’s surface temperature—as taken from the ground or as seen from space—is more precise? It is safe to argue that ground thermometers are more accurate than satellite measures because satellites don’t actually measure temperature or the surface (where humans reside).

What type of measurement do satellites normally use to collect climatic data?

Since 1979, specialised weather satellites have gathered atmospheric data that is connected to climate. Temperature observations of the atmosphere have been made most frequently.

How is the earth’s temperature gauged?

While AIRS employs infrared sensors to estimate the temperature directly at the Earth’s surface (or “skin temperature”) from space, GISTEMP uses air temperature measured using thermometers placed somewhat above the land or sea.

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