What are the benefits of using an Information Security Management System?

As your company grows from a small start-up into a multinational corporation, you need more people to handle all types of information, from sensitive corporate information to general business information.

Without the right IT infrastructure, your network is compromised by hackers/criminals, or you lose files due to a malfunctioning server. Therefore, when trying to grow your business in a competitive marketplace, you need the right Information Security Management System like iso 27001.

To know in which ways an Information Security Management System can benefit your organisation, read the section below.

Security awareness training

Security awareness training is important for all employees. It helps them understand the importance of security, how to protect themselves from attacks and report incidents that may lead to data breaches. Security awareness training also helps employees learn about common threats like phishing, viruses, social engineering etc., so they can take steps against them before an incident occurs.

Formalised risk assessment

Risk assessment is a process of identifying and evaluating potential threats to an organisation’s information assets. It is essential for an organisation with an IT department because it helps them identify risks affecting their data systems, networks and applications.

Risk assessment is a key part of information security management (ISMS) like iso 27001. The ISMS framework requires organisations to use formalised processes to identify and evaluate potential threats against their information assets.

Risk Monitoring

Risk monitoring is keeping track of your organisation’s risks, vulnerabilities, and exposures. It’s important because it lets you detect weaknesses in your security system early on before they become a bigger problem.

Risk monitoring can help:

  • Make sure that all systems are running as intended and do not contain any unforeseen bugs or problems
  • Provide insight into how well your company is doing at preventing attacks from happening

Incident and attack investigation

ISMS is a set of processes, policies and procedures that define how an organisation should respond to incidents or attacks. It provides the framework for managing information security within an organisation.

An incident is something that happens in your environment that may impact the productivity of your users or system assets. For example, if someone hacks into one of your computers and accesses confidential data from this computer, then this would be considered an incident. 

The process followed during investigation varies based on various factors such as type of event, nature of threat involved, the level at which damage occurred, whether there was malicious intent behind such activities etc.

This system supports a lot of security processes.

Information Security Management System is an excellent tool to help you do your job. It supports many security processes such as risk management, incident response, etc. Using this system will help you manage these processes better than other systems or manual work.

 It can be useful; for example, if someone needs access, but there is something wrong with their behaviour or attitude, you can check them out by using this tool before giving them access again.

The organisation’s security needs to be increased in a modern competitive business environment. With the introduction of the Information Security Management System (ISMS), employees will no longer make mistakes while handling confidential data and will follow agreed-upon rules for handling such data. In this way, information confidentiality will be assured effectively. The organisation can monitor ISMS’s effectiveness through external parties’ audits. The results obtained from these audits will provide valuable information that can help improve the system and reduce further risks. The adoption of ISMS also benefits companies in terms of productivity, cost savings and improved quality.


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