Who Is Wendy Etris: Wife Of WWE Star Aj Styles Her Age, Bio, Career & More

It goes without saying that if your companion is well-known, the media will be interested in you as well. AJ Styles, who is renowned for his wrestling prowess, is Wendy Etris’ husband.

Wendy Etris is a very private individual who is not present on any internet medium. She is a teacher who works in her community. She has also given his partner a lot of support throughout their difficult times.

Wendy: A Secretive Person 

In 1978, Wendy was born into the world. She is a native of Georgia, a US state. Her age must be somewhere around 43 years. She belongs to the Caucasian racial category and also has American citizenship.

Unfortunately, we don’t know her precise birth date, thus we don’t know what sign she was born under. Her parents’ identity has not been disclosed yet. Like her brother Andy Nathan Etis, she grew up together. Nothing else about her family is known besides that.

Wendy’s Physical Appearance

Wendy is a calm, intellectual individual. She is a regular height of 5 feet and 4 inches, according to physical estimates. She also has gorgeous dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Her bodybuilding spouse AJ Styles is the same height as her at 5 feet 11 inches. His total body weight is 99 kg. AJ is estimated to have a physique size of 18 inches in the biceps, 35 inches around the waist, and 47 inches around the chest.

Wendy’s Education And Career

Wendy completed her high school education at Johnson High School in Gainesville. She also finished her bachelor’s degree. She attended a university, although neither of those details is yet known.

She started taking lessons to become a teacher as soon as she received her degree because she had the chance to do so. She has continued to work and pursue her passions despite becoming a celebrity’s wife.

When Wendy finished her education, she started teaching. Throughout the process, she discovered how much she cherished imparting knowledge and chose to make it her career. Sadly, nobody is aware of her school’s name. On the other hand, her husband AJ is a successful wrestler.

A Proud Wife And A Proud Mother Of Four 

Wendy is married to AJ Styles, a WWE superstar. The couple started dating in February 1996, when they were in high school. On August 5th, 2000, they exchanged vows and solidified their friendship.

They have been married for more than 18 years and are the proud parents of Anney Jones, three sons named Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, and Albey Jones, as well as one daughter.

Etris has been incredibly supportive of her husband throughout her professional life and considers him to be among the greatest wrestlers in Sports history. Ajay Jones, her son, is a huge sports fan and participated in school basketball. On and off, Wendy and her kids are AJ Styles’ biggest supporters.

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